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DELIVERY - When to place order ?

Ideal time to place an order for any regular cement concrete product is 4-6 weeks, since it involves production planning, concrete curing and finishing, and dispatch planning. However, specific made-to-order products need 2-3 months before the expected date of delivery at site since it involves making of special dyes and moulds, and these are third-party dependent.


Efflorescence is the whitish deposition on a paver's surface, a result of a chemical reaction between moisture in the air and Calcium Oxide present in cement, causing Calcium Hydroxide to be formed on the surface. This Calcium Hydroxide reacts with th Carbon Dioxide in the air forming Calcium Carbonate which appears as a whitish deposition. This is a natural reaction and there is little to nothing a manufacturer can do about it. That being said, there are ways by which it can be removed.

  • Calcium Carbonate gradually react with the moisture in the air forming Calcium Bicarbonate, which is a water soluble compound and can simply be washed off.
  • Simply walking over or driving on the paving will abrade the deposit, wearing it away and reducing the quantity visible on the surface. Shot blasting would be the best way to get rid of this problem immediately.
  • Pigmented pavers do not have this problem as the pigment acts as a barrier between the air and the Calcium Oxide in the paver.
  • Gradual weathering of the paver surface also gets rid of the Calcium Carbonate deposit on the surface.

Shade Variation

Shade Variation occurs because of small differences in dye lots and raw materials used. The variation becomes a lot less apparent with the passage of time.

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