About Us

Super Group started producing cement concrete products in 1978. With more than three decades of experience, we are proud to say that we have served clients from, what we’d like to call, the ABCD of the industry - Architects, Builders, Contractors, and Dealers. We like to think innovation is the driving force behind our progress as well as the thirst to provide quality concrete products to suit every need of the client.

Our satisfied clients currently are in the thousands, having done projects in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Our Director, Praful Mody has done his Bachelors ’ in Architecture from the prestigious Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. With his education in Architecture and a natural affinity to manufacturing, we are able to suggest and produce fitting products for every project, time and again.

We live by our motto: “To deliver VFM, or Value for Money to our customers, and build long lasting products and relationships”. This is why our products are ​strong, sturdy, splendid.


The strength of our products is the result of constant and consistent approach towards high quality in the manufacturing process, right from the careful selection of raw materials to the meticulous finishing of the products. This achieves suitable compressive strength and low water absorption.


Our pavers are made to survive harsh environments, natural or otherwise. We make sure our pavers withstand the test of time and achieve high surface abrasion resistance.


Our products are the result of constant drive towards innovation; be it innovation in manufacturing processes or innovation in the product design itself. We constantly strive to give new avatars to concrete by way of colour toning, surface finishing and developing different shapes of our products to satisfy each project.